Friday 22 June 2018

Five of my art works will be exhibit in the new project EGLINTON AVE Gallery City 2018
For more information please visit the Gallery city website

Thursday 31 May 2018

Since my childhood I loved art and painting and the first thing I was doing when visiting a new city is visiting the art museum,
In the beginning I loved the classical realism paintings like Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci artworks. But later I loved the surrealism style especially after visiting Dusseldorf Museum in Germany and saw a painting for Salvador Dali,
I have never liked Pablo Picasso paintings until just couple years ago after reading about his style evolve and see many of his are works in different style and time period. I realized that his is a genius, and I loved his especially his blue green paintings.
 Esam M Jlilati

Saturday 28 April 2018

Life on earth by Esam Jlilati, oil color 24" x 18"

We see the world and life in different ways and views. Some people are optimistic while others are pessimistic.
Our view to life will not change the reality, but it changes our response to the events in our life.
We have to realize that the world is too beautiful to waste our life being sad when we could be enjoying what life has to offer us.
We can’t understand everything happening in the world, but we know that the world is mosaic and it is beautiful only if you see it in all    colors and not only in one gray color. Each one of us visit the earth only one time, so let’s make it colorful and live together in peace and harmony.   This is my massage in this artwork, that I will call (life on earth) 

Thursday 26 April 2018

The Painting title: From Damascus to Granada

Medium: Watercolor 
Size:  20"x 16" 

Subject: this painting represents the Omayyad art from the 7th and 8th, century,
I was inspired by the four Islamic architectural sites: The grand mosque in Damascus, the grand mosque in Aleppo, the grand mosque in Cordoba and Alhambra palace in Granada

Painting description:
The four historical sites around the dome were built under the Omayyad dynasty as Damascus was the capital city of all countries under the Omayyad dynasty.

From each city (Damascus, Aleppo, Cordoba and Granada) I have chosen the most beautiful historical building and made a surrounding environment that match it story.
The four stories together with the dome and the four columns complete the whole painting idea.

Thursday 12 April 2018
My love for art and history, in addition to the world events, inspire me to start a new painting that reflects my emotions and philosophy.

Through my Brush and Imagination, I am able to dwell in a world of serenity and peace as the strokes and colors give life to my story.

I see art as a magical realm which I can escape to when facing challenges in life and I will continue to present tales of time as paintings of today.